• Bridging Chemical Markets

    Why Ereztech?

  • 2015 Is Here

    Ereztech is already compliant with GHS, which is due only in 3 years.

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    Over 600 products are sourced by various industries

Why Ereztech?

Bridges serve a fundamental purpose – enabling communication, trade, and social interaction between groups that otherwise would not be able to establish a relationship. Ereztech was formed to do just that.

We are compliant with GHS

Although the new standard for hazardous communication and labeling is due only in December 2015 Ereztech has accepted the standard ahead of time via its strategic partnership with MSDSpro, LLC to show its true customer commitment.

New Products

Our upgraded catalog with over 600 products offers a very convenient way to search and browse the products. It is also available for downloading in PDF or Excel formats.