Sustainability is an essential aspect of Ereztech’s business strategy. With the population of the Earth expected to surpass 9 billion people in 2050, it will become ever more challenging to provide the food, water, energy, and housing required to ensure that everyone on the planet enjoys a good quality of life. Both established and emerging markets rely on innovative, chemicals and materials firms to provide sustainable solutions that will enable them to developed novel, advanced technologies using efficient, sustainable manufacturing processes that will help address these global challenges. Ereztech recognizes that a sustainable approach can drive both efficiency and innovation through cost leadership, quality and performance, and speed to market, and in turn help meet our customers’ needs. Examples of sustainable practices at Ereztech include the following:

  • Virtual offices allow employees to work from home, which reduces the impact on traffic and CO emissions
  • Electronic documentation and archiving is utilized wherever possible

Ereztech also requires it suppliers to follow sustainable practices: Compliance with environmental, health, and safety regulations

  • Minimization of Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • Conservation of energy and water
  • Implementation of a recycling program that includes, but is not limited to: 100% of manufacturing wastes must be recycled
    • 100% of paper and cardboard must be recycled
    • 100% of purchased paper and cardboard must be recycled materials
    • Creation of a positive work environment for employees
    • Support of the community
    • Use fair business practices