Tungsten hexacarbonyl 99%+

Applications for Tungsten hexacarbonyl

Widely used in electron beam-induced deposition processes, Tungsten hexacarbonyl is easily vaporized and decomposed by the electron beam — providing a convenient source of tungsten atoms.

W(CO)6 is also used as a precursor to catalysts for alkene metathesis and to desulfurize organosulfur compounds.

Tungsten hexacarbonyl (CAS Number 14040-11-0) is relatively air-stable, and it is sparingly soluble in non-polar organic solvents.

W(CO)6 reactions begin with the displacement of some of its CO ligands. Similar to Mo(CO)6 in behavior, W(CO)6 typically forms compounds that are kinetically more robust.

One derivative is the dihydrogen complex: W(CO)3 [P(C6 H11 )3 ]2 (H2 ).

Ereztech’s Experience with Tungsten hexacarbonyl

Ereztech regularly manufacturers Tungsten hexacarbonyl. Our current manufacturing capacity for (CAS Number 14040-11-0) is 100kg/month.

Ereztech as your Tungsten hexacarbonyl Supplier

Tungsten hexacarbonyl is typically available for shipment from Ereztech within one to two weeks.

With 50 organometallic R&D chemists at its disposal, Ereztech enthusiastically seeks projects requiring custom formulations. For example, metal-organics at higher purity levels, in different forms (e.g., solid, powder, or liquid, where applicable), and custom packaging.

Our Ereztech 25 gram™ program helps you achieve your ideal precursor faster: we’ll synthesis your new molecule for in patches as small as 25g — at our cost — so you learn faster and can scale up faster.

Recent Application Research for Tungsten hexacarbonyl