Meet the Team

Our team embodies the American dream. We believe that with a lot of hard work and perseverance, you can achieve anything. We are a uniquely diverse group, with origins that extend around the world, and while we all come from different backgrounds and circumstances, we’ve been brought together by Ereztech.

We invite you to get to know a little bit more about our exceptional team members.

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Roman Rytov

Founder & CEO

Roman is responsible for driving Ereztech’s vision and long-term strategic direction. Within only ten years Roman has taken the company from being a distributor of a number of Russian-based vendors to a strategic tier-two vendor in the semiconductor space. Roman sees Ereztech’s value in bridging gaps in chemical projects of its clients from the feasibility phase all the way to high volume manufacturing. Building and expanding a network of scientific and manufacturing partners in Russia and opening a US-based lab has been one Roman’s of primary goals.

Roman holds a Master’s degree in mathematics from the Volgograd State University (Russia) and an MBA from the Georgia State (Atlanta, GA). Prior to Ereztech he had built an engineering and  entrepreneurial career in the IT industry including a decade-long tenure at SAP.

Dr. David Roberts

Chief Techonology Officer

As the CTO, Dr. Roberts oversees and leads all the areas of development of organometallic chemical offering and supporting  innovative new applications for the company’s portfolio of over 800 organometallics, and inorganic compounds.

Dave has over 35 years of experience in the design, synthesis and manufacture of thin film precursors for semiconductor and other high-end applications, with 47 patents in the various aspects of thin film deposition and etching. His efforts have contributed to the development of several new dielectric and metallic thin film precursor products. An organometallic chemist by training, Dave served in both technical and senior technology management roles within Air Products and Chemicals, including the Schumacher, Specialty Gases and former Science Center organizations.  Prior to joining Ereztech Dave was the Vice-president of Materials Development for Nantero, supporting the development of carbon nanotube electronics.

Dave holds a PhD from Penn State in Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry; a MS from Wright State University in Inorganic Chemistry and a BS from Case Western Reserve.

Tamar A. Harari, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Tamar is responsible for leading and directing Ereztech’s Finance and Human Capital operations, as well as collaborating with the CEO to support the Company’s corporate strategy. She brings over 25 years of experience with public and privately-held companies in multiple industries.

Tamar is a CPA and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from Emory University and completed her Post Baccalaureate studies in Accounting at Georgia State University.

During her free time, Tamar enjoys traveling, horseback riding, cooking, theatre, and has a passion for animals.

Jefferson Thiel

Site Manager

As Site Manager, Jefferson is responsible for overseeing our Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, laboratory operations. He has extensive industry experience and a proven track record of strong leadership, cross-functional team building, performance management, and continuous improvement. He is a champion of process development and improvement, auditing procedures, and new talent cultivation.  Outside of work, he enjoys physical fitness activities, cooking, grilling, spending time with friends and family, and taking care of his rescue animals.


Dr. Hima Kumar Lingam

Director of Research & Development

As Ereztech’s Director of Research & Development, Hima leads our team of scientists and chemists, and is responsible for technical leadership, strategic planning, conceptual design, and development of high purity chemicals. Hima comes to us with over ten years of experience in synthetic organometallic/inorganic chemistry and materials for the electronics industry. Outside of the lab, Hima enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, camping, exploring new places (nature), cooking and photography.

Steve McGuigan

Director of Strategy

Steve leads the strategic efforts of Ereztech with a focus on business development and global account management. He brings more than 25 years of general management and sales executive experience in the semiconductor industry leading international teams. In his spare time, Steve enjoys sports, especially baseball and hockey.

Leighton LeBoeuf

Director of Business Development

Leighton is responsible for expanding Ereztech’s sales by developing long-term customer relationships and identifying unique business opportunities in electronics as well as in new market applications. For more than 30 years, Leighton has helped companies grow key accounts, explore new market spaces and execute strategic sales plans across many segments of the specialty chemical industry. After hours, he can be found walking the family dogs, working on a home improvement project or hiking.


Mila Marciniak

Customer Service Manager

As our Customer Service Manager, Mila manages our day-to-day operations including customer service, vendor communication, document preparation, packaging, logistics, inventory sourcing and procurement, and everything in between! She has over 25 years of experience in a broad range of services including owning a packing and shipping business franchise, brokerage firm operations, customer relations and financial management, and web design and development. Outside of the office, Mila enjoys traveling, gardening, painting, reading, interior and fashion design and cooking.


Elena Kozlova

Customer Service Specialist

As our Customer Service Specialist, Elena manages our day-to-day customer interactions including customer service, responding to quote inquiries, document preparation, book-keeping, and product management. Elena has a background in accounting and banking. Outside of work, Elena enjoys traveling (especially to taste the local cuisine), hiking, reading, interior design, ballroom dancing, and has a passion for the sea.


Beth E. Graf

Compliance & Documentation Contractor

Beth works for Ereztech as our Compliance and Documentation Contractor, helping with ISO certification, compliance and documentation needs. She began her career in the tannery industry as a finishing and sample supervisor for fine leathers. She later transitioned to a new organization with a role focused on packaging ampoules, and writing and documenting procedures for ultra high purity chemicals. From there, she took on a role as a  Compliance Documentation and ISO rep with another chemical manufacturer. Outside of work, Beth is passionate about culinary arts and feeding people, weaving food and art into one with her own catering business!

Dr. Alex V. Safronov


As Scientist, Alex’s primary duties are synthesis of high purity chemicals for the electronic industry, development of new products and synthetic methods for their preparation, and scaling up of existing processes. Alexander comes to us with extensive experience in organometallic chemistry, including work with nanomaterials and their application in medicine. He later transitioned to the field of manufacturing high purity chemicals for the electronic industry. Alex received his PhD in organometallic chemistry from the A. N. Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INEOS RAS). Away from the lab, he enjoys traveling, gardening, reading, and learning new languages, but his true passion is electric guitar maintenance, repair, and restoration.


Krishna Yogishwara Amaravathi

QC Chemist

Krishna has a unique combination of responsibilities at Ereztech; as a QC Chemist, he develops and validates testing methods, writes protocols and SOPs, completing root cause investigations, and developing process improvement initiatives. As a Project Manager, he coordinates various projects and tasks between the chemist team and other groups. Krishna began his career as a Validation Analyst in the automation industry and then transitioned to the pharmaceutical industry to explore more scientific and analytical techniques and their challenges. Outside of the lab, Krishna has a passion for music, playing sports, watching scientific documentaries and sci-fi movies, traveling, and collecting international currencies.

Ian McCarrell

Quality Manager

Ian utilizes his Chemical Engineering and Six Sigma experience to improve product quality and minimize variation of Ereztech production processes. He has 10 years of engineering experience and has previously worked for Entegris and MilliporeSigma. In his free time, he enjoys cycling, hiking, and spending time with family.

Scott Thomas

Production Chemist

In his role, Scott produces and purifies chemical compounds for our customers. He has over 30 years of experience in the chemical field and specializes in cGMP manufacturing processes, including experience with HVM-scale glassware. Outside of the lab, Scott enjoys wood-working projects and spending time with family and friends.

Erik Jones

Mechanical Engineer

As our Mechanical Engineer, Erik manages project coordination and facility maintenance programs. Erik comes to Ereztech with experience in production and manufacturing, as well as quality analysis and quality control, for functions ranging from daily production to product testing to logistics management and beyond. Outside of the lab, Erik enjoys sports including football, basketball, soccer and skateboarding. He also enjoys watching movies and spending time with friends and family.

Anuththara A. Arachchige


As a Scientist at Ereztech, Anuththara works on new product development, scaling up of existing processes, and development of new synthetic methods. She received her PhD in inorganic chemistry from Wayne State University. In her graduate studies, her research focused on the synthesis of metal-organic precursors for ALD and CVD applications, and the development of ALD processes for metal and metal nitrides. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.