Ship-To-Control Consistency in Metal-Organic Precursors

Statistically-Driven Process Control

Ensuring consistent uniformity and quality on precursor lots is not just challenging; for us it is truly mission-critical. We have proven experience achieving Ship-to-Control by leveraging our statistically-driven processes and infrastructure. We achieve Ship-to-Control by executing the following key steps:

  • Define the parameters for your custom metal organic compound — its chemical specifications, including its purity level.
  • We then review desired parameters through a structured SPC meetings.
  • Our Ship-To-Control process uses statistical process control models to create in-control limits for your metal-organic precursor manufacturing processes. If a quality control (QC) parameter deviates from the mutually agreed upon statistical parameters, we will review and implement appropriate corrective measures.
  • The end result is desired product and process consistency

To help ensure Ship-to-Control readiness, we implement Ship-to-Control processes into all products with HVM intent at no additional cost.

In parallel to our Ship-to-Control methodology, we collaborate with you to review and enhance processes to sustain continuous improvement.

To find out more about our quality assurance programs, contact us.

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Continuous Improvements In Organometallics

But the process doesn’t stop there. We continuously monitor and refine our metal-organics manufacturing processes based on the feedback from our Ship-To-Control program.

This QC feedback loop not only continually reduces process variability for your ALD precursors — it also maximizes production efficiency, enabling us to accelerate your results.

To find out more about our proven methodologies, manufacturing processes and quality assurance approach, visit our Ereztech BridgeForward™ page.