Innovative Approach to Scaling Up Silicon Tetraiodide (SiI4)

  • The Challenge

    Develop a scalable technology to synthesize and manufacture high volumes of silicon tetraiodide in granular form.

  • Ereztech Approach

    Due to our deep targeted experience, we already had the technology to synthesize and manufacture small volumes of silicon tetraiodide in powder form. Although, this process involved grinding, which has a potential risk of hydrolyzation and contamination from the mill consumables. In addition, the resulting powder form is sensitive to both light and air.

    To help achieve success, we created an innovative approach that eliminated grinding – changing the final form from powder to granules. We also developed a new methodology of stable, continuous synthesis using custom-made ovens: the ovens maintain temperatures of up to 1000°C, and with ±0.1°C accuracy for each of the different temperature phases of the process. The streamlined temperature regime saves energy while accelerating Sil4 throughput. The fully-automated granulation phase uses a high-purity argon process.

  • The Results

    With the new technology, the system is synthesizing up to 10kg/day, and is ready to be scaled up horizontally. The new technology is also flexible as we can still produce the silicon tetraiodide in powder form based on customer preference. A ICP-MS test is used for acceptance and final analysis of both the powdered and granular Sil4.