FAQs on Custom Metal-Organic Precursors Used for ALD

Q: I don’t see the chemical I need listed in your catalog. What do you need to know to quote me for a custom synthesis?

A: Simply complete this form or email us your requirements: product name, CAS# (if available), impurities levels. We’ll follow up if we need any additional information.

Q: How do I find chemical specification sheets?

A: Use our Chemical Search Engine: most of our more popular compounds have existing specification sheets. If your compound does not, contact us.

Q: How do I find chemical SDS sheets?

A: Chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) in addition to the product search can be found in a list of all available SDS documents. If there is no SDS, just contact us.

Q: What does Ereztech mean?

A: “Erez” means cedar tree in Hebrew. Cedar is a solid, durable, and sustainable wood, used widely in the First Temple as a symbol of strength, reliability, and longevity. Like its namesake, Ereztech is a strong company with a long-term vision of connecting the advanced materials suppliers of the former Soviet Union with today’s most innovative, forward-thinking, international companies.

Q: How can I see all the compounds that you offer for a certain element?

A: Visit our chemical elements table and click on the element that you’re interested in. All the molecules with this element that we’re offering will be automatically selected. Remember, that the catalog only lists the molecules that we have synthesized already. If you don’t see the one that you need in the list, please contact us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Q: Ereztech is based in Atlanta but you mention that your labs are in Russia. Do I need to deal with customs?

A: Not at all. While our labs are in Russia, we ship around the world. Our US-based customers purchase our products on Incoterms Ex-Work Atlanta, meaning that we take care of delivery from abroad and customs clearance. In this case it’s a regular domestic purchase. If your destination is outside of the US then we’ll ship to any major airport Incoterms CPT.

Q: Do you have products in stock or everything is made-to-order? How long is your lead time?

A: It varies: some products we have in stock, others need to be synthesized. It all depends on the product and required quantities.

Q: If our molecule is not in your catalog and you need to synthesize it for us, how expensive may it be and how long will it take?

A: Ereztech doesn’t treat custom synthesis as a revenue generator, but rather a partnership opportunity. To help ensure mutually beneficial success, we offer the Ereztech 25g™ program, where we’ll synthesize as few as 25g and absorb much of the development cost. Our weekly shipments deliver the product virtually free to Atlanta.