Ereztech Custom Synthesis

Leading chemical firms uniquely understand and appreciate the value of partnering with a supplier that not only offers R&D but can then help you successfully scale. Ereztech’s organometallic production capacities range from 25g test batches to High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) in thousands of kilograms.

We have one objective – achieving yours.

The first phase in the Ereztech Bridge Forward™ solution is gaining a clarity and a better understanding of whether your synthesis project is feasible, sustainable and meets your parameters. We do this with synthesis research and also offering our Ereztech 25grams™ program where you can have a cost-effective opportunity to learn more and scale faster.

Our specialized R&D capabilities focuses on a variety of ligand types, including:

  • Acetates
  • Acetylacetonates
  • Alkenes/Dienes
  • Carbonyls
  • Cyclopentadiene derivatives
  • Metal-alkyl and –hydride bonds
  • Phosphine

The second major phase in our proven solution is Process Stabilization, where we finalize compound requirements, define commercial objectives and metrics, and ensure the process is stabilized. We do this with process optimization and identifying requirements for scale-up opportunities.

The next phase is BCP & Risk Management, a critical step in qualifying and cementing supply chain and logistics plans. In order to achieve supply chain certainty, we focus intently on Change Management, we focus intently on change management methodologies and defining and implementing contingency plans.

Finding the right Ereztech products for your specific application is easy

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The last phase in Ereztech Bridge Forward™ solution is HVM Scale-Up where we ensure readiness for horizontal scale-up of high volume manufacturing. At this phase, we scale-up using the “copy paste” approach and implement ship-to-control.

Experience Matters.

Ereztech offers custom synthesis services that enable technology to better meet the requirements of your targeted application. Leveraging our deep semiconductor R&D and Commercial expertise, Ereztech can successfully develop and scale new molecules that enable technologies to progress from concept to large volume production.