Synonym: Zincdiethyl, Zinc diethanide, Zinc ethide, DEZ, DEZn, Et2Zn

CAS Number 557-20-0 | MDL Number MFCD00009021 | EC Number 209-161-3

DEZ chemical-structure
Product codeZN7200
CAS number557-20-0
Assay (purity)99%
Molecular weight123.5 g/mol
Melting point-28 °C (-18 °F)
Boiling point124 °C (255 °F)
Appearancecolorless liquid
Molecular formulaC4H10Zn
Linear formula(C2H5)2Zn
Packagingglassware/metal containers/bubblers

Diethylzinc is useful for the deposition of crystalline zinc films by means of plasma-assisted CVD. This product, in combination with molecular oxygen or water, is the most commonly used zinc metal-organic precursor for the growth of ZnO thin films by CVD (including MOCVD, PECVD and ALD. DEZn is also one the most common precursors for p-doping of (Al,Ga)In(As,P) layers grown by MOCVD. Epitaxial layers of Zn-doped InP have been grown by low-pressure MOCVD using this product as the p-dopant source. ZnEt2, in combination with H2S as a sulfur source, has been applied for the ZnS thin films by ALD. See links below.

Diethylzinc is a clear, pyrophoric liquid with a relatively high vapor pressure commonly employed as a volatile source of zinc in a wide range of zinc-containing thin film materials. DEZ is a highly-reactive reagent that is employed broadly in MOCVD, PECVD and ALD processes to prepare numerous compounds, main group, and transition metal elements for simple coatings to electronic and photonic active materials.

Diethylzinc is extremely reactive under some chemical environments, air and water. However, this pyrophoric liquid is routinely safely handled under controlled conditions where these reactants are diligently excluded. A simple distillation under a rigorously-maintained inert nitrogen atmosphere, free of any air or moisture, shows a well-behaved, free-flowing clear liquid, in marked contrast to its behavior in air, as demonstrated in this video.

Diethylzinc is a very useful reagent, widely employed for a number of applications when handled and packaged properly. When working with Diethylzinc, be respectful of its reactivity to prevent fires and possible explosions. The need for safe handling and protection from air, moisture, and other potential reactants is paramount.

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Safety information

Hazardous class4.2 (4.3)
Packing groupI
PictogramsGHS02 GHS09
Signal wordDANGER
Hazard statementsH225-H250-H260-H314-H318-H335-H400-H410
Precautionary statementsP210-P231 + P232-P280-P305 + P351 + P338-P370 + P378-P422
In TSCA registryYes