Iron(II) acetylacetonate

Synonym: 2,4-Pentanedione iron(II) derivative, Ferrous acetylacetonate, Iron acetylacetonate hydrate, Fe(acac)2

CAS Number 14024-17-0 | MDL Number MFCD00144506 | EC Number 237-851-4

Ferrous acetylacetonate Chemical Structure

Product codeFE4170
CAS number14024-17-0
Assay (purity)96%+
Metal purity99.95%-Fe
Purity methodby titration: %Fe=21.2-22.7 (with Na2S2O3)
Molecular weight254.06 g/mol
Appearancered to brown powder
Melting point210°C (410°F)
Molecular formulaC10H14O4Fe
Linear formula[CH3COCH=C(O)CH3]2Fe
Packagingglassware/metal containers/bubblers

Iron(II) Acetylacetonate is an Iron source that is soluble in organic solvents as an organometallic compound. The high purity acetylacetonate anion complexes by bonding each oxygen atom to the metallic cation to form a chelate ring, because of this property, acetylacetonates are commonly used in various catalysts and catalytic reagents for organic synthesis, including the fabrication of various shapes of carbon nanostructures via the use of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and laser evaporation techniques. The numerous commercial applications for Iron include primary colorant in glass and ceramics, catalyst, basis for low-grade magnets and because of its magnetic properties is used extensively in memory tape.  See link below

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Safety information

UNNot regulated
Hazardous classNot regulated
Packing groupNot regulated
Signal wordWARNING
Hazard statementsH315-H319-H335
Precautionary statementsP261-P280-P305+P351+P338-P304+P340
Transport descriptionNot dangerous goods
In TSCA registryNo (sold for research and development usage only)

First Aid Measures

General adviceConsult a physician. Show this safety data sheet to the doctor in attendance. Move out of the dangerous area.
Eye contactRinse thoroughly with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and consult a physician.
Skin contactWash off with soap and plenty of water. Consult a physician.
InhalationIf breathed in, move person into the fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. Consult a physician.
If swallowedDo NOT induce vomiting. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Rinse mouth with water. Consult a physician.

Certificates of Analysis (CoA)

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External identifiers for 2,4-Pentanedione iron(II) derivative

Pubchem CID11482195
IUPAC Name(Z)-4-hydroxypent-3-en-2-one; iron
InchI IdentifierInChI=1S/2C5H8O2.Fe/c2*1-4(6)3-5(2)7;/h2*3,6H,1-2H3;/b2*4-3-;

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