Neodymium(III) oxide

Synonym: Neodymia, Neodymium trioxide, Dineodymium trioxide, Neodymium(3+) oxide
CAS Number 1313-97-9 | MDL Number MFCD00011134 | EC Number 215-214-1
Product CodeND3979
CAS Number1313-97-9
Assay (purity)98%
Purity methodby complexometric (EDTA)
Metal purity99.9%-Nd
Molecular weight336.48
Appearancelight blue or light grey-blue powder
Titration%Nd=83.2-88.3, %La<0.1
Molecular formulaNd2O3
Linear formulaNd2O3

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Safety information

In TSCA registryYes

Certificates of analysis (CoA)

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External identifiers for Neodymia

Pubchem CID4196641
IUPAC Nameneodymium(3+); oxygen(2-)
InchI IdentifierInChI=1S/2Nd.3O/q2*+3;3*-2

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