Ereztech Expands U.S. Footprint with New R&D Precursor Lab

Renowned Molecular Chemist Dr. Robert Todd to Oversee New Facility Operation

Ereztech, a leading provider of complete metal-organic solutions to the semiconductor industry, today announced the opening of its new research and development (R&D) lab in Sheboygan Falls,

Wisconsin. The facility will augment the company’s existing Europe-based manufacturing operations by serving as a second source of products for U.S.-based semiconductor materials suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Additionally, it will allow Ereztech to extend its core expertise of synthesis and analysis of air-sensitive metal-organic precursors to additional metal alkyls and hydrides, including pyrophorics, as well as an expanded palladium, platinum and other noble metal offerings.

“This expansion brings our advanced and cost-efficient development capability close to our U.S.-based customers, allowing for not only a broader product selection, but accelerated compound development and >50% reduction in response times,” said Roman Rytov, CEO of Ereztech. “This new facility allows us to foster partnerships and intensify cooperation with our U.S.-based customers to deliver solutions rapidly.”

Dr. Robert Todd, a well-known industry veteran, will lead the new operation. He brings more than 25 years of experience in formulation development and production to the company. At Sigma-Aldrich and ProChem International LLC, Dr. Todd led teams pursuing the synthesis of air-sensitive reagents and homogenous catalyst development for the fine chemicals, pharmaceutical and industrial markets. His expertise, combined with Ereztech’s semiconductor know-how, will allow the company to better serve our customers with a broadened application expertise to address not only leading-edge semiconductor applications but the broader advanced materials and catalysis opportunities.

“My primary focus is on the development of novel homogeneous catalysts, building blocks and reagents that enable energy-efficient and economically sustainable chemical transformations of various compounds,” said Dr. Todd. “I look forward to helping our U.S.-based customers achieve next-generation geometries with their MOCVD and ALD processes leveraging novel materials.”

As semiconductor device geometries continue to shrink, manufacturers are looking for new precursor materials to achieve finer features during deposition processes such as MOCVD and ALD. For almost 10 years, Ereztech has partnered with leading tier-one materials suppliers, OEMs and fabs and foundries on new molecule development and introduction. The company has more than 50 chemists who have developed more than 500 methods of synthesis using reliable and scalable processes to create a product portfolio of more than 800 high-purity compounds.

Ereztech’s 25 Grams™ program for rapid new molecule introduction exemplifies its approach to working with customers and helps set the company apart from other chemical solutions providers. Leveraging its extensive expertise in metal-organic molecules, Ereztech works in close collaboration with customers to perform custom synthesis in multiple trial runs of 25 grams each. Once a 25-gram trial passes customer testing, it is put into production of quantities from 40-100 kilograms.