Synonym: Tris(acetylacetonato)aluminium, Tris(2,4-pentanedionato)aluminium, Aluminium 2,4-pentanedionate, Al(acac)3

CAS Number 13963-57-0 | MDL Number MFCD00000013 | EC Number 237-741-6

Al(acac)3 chemical structure

Product codeAL3570
CAS number13963-57-0
Assay (purity)99.9%+
Metal purity99.99%-Al
Purity methodby EDTA: %Al=8.1-8.5
Molecular weight324.31 g/mol
Melting point190-193 °C (374-379.4 °F)
Boiling point315 °C(599 °F)
Appearancewhite to yellow powder
Molecular formulaC15H21AlO6
Linear formulaAl(CH3COCHCOCH3)3
Packagingglassware/metal containers/bubblers

Aluminium acetylacetonate and synthetic air were applied for the atmospheric pressure hot-wall MOCVD-growth of Al2O3 thin films on stainless steel substrates. This product was used as a precursor for the deposition of carbonaceous crystalline Al2O3 films on Si(100) by LP MOCVD, as well as on stainless steel, and TiN-coated cemented carbide substrates by LP MOCVD in the absence of oxidant gas. Al(acac)3 was applied for the growth of Al2O3 films on Si(111) substrates at varying temperatures by MOCVD. One more application is as a nontoxic and easy-to-handle precursor for the deposition of amorphous Al2O3 thin films on glass and Si(100) substrates by a low-temperature atmospheric-pressure CVD. See links below

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Safety information

Hazardous class6.1
Packing groupII
PictogramsGHS06 GHS07
Signal wordDANGER
Hazard statementsH300-H315-H319-H335
Precautionary statementsP261-P264-P270-P271-P280-P301 + P310-P302 + P352-P304 + P340-P305 + P351 + P338-P312-P321-P330-P332 + P313-P337 + P313-P362-P403 + P233
In TSCA registryYes

Certificates of Analysis (CoA)

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External identifiers for Al(acac)3

Pubchem CID16683006
IUPAC Name(Z)-4-bis[[(Z)-4-oxopent-2-en-2-yl]oxy]alumanyloxypent-3-en-2-one
InchI IdentifierInChI=1S/3C5H8O2.Al/c3*1-4(6)3-5(2)7;/h3*3,6H,1-2H3;/q;;;+3/p-3/b3*4-3-;

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